Quinteto irreal is an international, Rotterdam based tango project. We are five young, professional musicians from Greece, Argentina and the Netherlands sharing our passion for tango, and bringing it to the stage. 

In the 1960s pianist and composer Horacio Salgan scooped the world of its feet with his Quinteto Real, the Royal quintet. His small and modest posture was compensated by his big flexible hands, and his bigger creativity and skill. Although sadly he is no more, his 100 year legacy is invaluable to this world, and a tiny part of it lives on in our hearts and fingers. 

We play a repertoire of arrangements from different composers, one of which is our very own pianist Aleksandra Tonelli, who tries to capture the spirit of the great master Salgan in her own works. Of course the works of maybe the most famous tanguero ever, Astor Piazzola, are not forgotten.